Wednesday, May 29, 2019

270 Canadian obituary links

For those researching Canadian genealogy, here are some links to online obitiaries and obituary indexes. Blog - The Ancestor Hunt: During May, 2019 I have been updating the links to online obituary and obituary index collections that are available to search for free. There are a total of 270 online database links that I have found for Canada. Of these, 87 have been added since the previous update. So not only can we search old newspapers for these gems, we sometimes can get transcriptions and clippings and also get directed to the location of the obituaries from obituary indexes.

Fortify Your Family Tree: 4 Quick Family Tree Clean-up Tasks

Fortify Your Family Tree:
4 Quick Family Tree Clean-up Tasks
: Here are 4 things you can do to make your family tree better and more professional. Think of this list as a mental break. These tasks don't take a ton of thought, and you can tackle them when you're: frustrated by a brick wall in your family research bored because there's nothing good on TV trying to avoid doing your chores unable to decide which of your dozens of branches you want to work on. The article has suggestions for adding estimated birth dates and death dates, how to deal with missing surnames and places.