Sunday, August 05, 2012

Clooz 3.0 is on the way

Clooz is a genealogical research tool that enables you to analyse your data in various ways, and possibly open up new avenues for research.

Development of the program was recently taken over by Ancestral Systems, and they are now offering a free trial of Clooz 3.0, which is due to be released soon.

As they say, Clooz:
Clooz is NOT just another genealogy program. It is THE database for systematically organizing and storing the clues to your ancestry discovered through years of research. Clooz functions as a sophisticated research assistance tool and electronic filing cabinet. Clooz enhances your research with search and retrieval of important facts that you find during the hunt for your ancestors. Clooz interfaces with certain established family tree programs, depending on the producers allowing us access to your data stored in their program.

At the moment users are trying out the new version, reporting problems, and suggesting improvements to the program.

Check the Clooz web site to learn more.