Friday, October 25, 2013

MyHeritage/FamilySearch Partnership Announcement

FamilySearch and MyHeritage have recently announced a partnership, which I find not a little worrying.

MyHeritage/FamilySearch Partnership Announcement—Frequently Asked Questions:  
We recently announced a joint agreement to begin a multi-year effort whereby FamilySearch will share select historic records collections with MyHeritage, and MyHeritage will provide cutting-edge technologies to FamilySearch that will help people find their ancestors more easily. This combined with MyHeritage’s support for 40 languages will enable wider access to data and records to more users worldwide.

Past experience of such partnerships with MyHeritage has not been very good. A few years ago MyHeritage took over data I had entered in GenCircles, and then demanded that I pay to access it -- details here — another scam site? | Hayes & Greene family history. More recently I have been contributing data to FamilySearch, and now it seems likely that something similar may happen there. I don't think I will be contributing any more data to FamilySearch.