Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Organizing your family history research with Zotero - Organize Your Family History

Organizing your family history research with Zotero - Organize Your Family History:
Zotero is great for genealogy for all of these reasons and more:

  • It is free, with the stability and support of a university backing it up.
  • Even if you are syncing to the Zotero cloud, you can do that for years on free storage, before you have to buy some. And when you do buy storage, it’s inexpensive and unlimited.
  • It provides the structure missing from tools like OneNote and EverNote, but brings substantial flexibility, along with the structure.
  • It can add most catalogued online source citations to your Zotero library with one click.
    It can organize and provide one-click access to the thousands of documents, spreadsheets, photographs, and other files you have saved to your hard drive. In essence, it can draw all those files together into a uniform, organized system.
  • Zotero becomes your door to all you have collected.
    It allows you to create a record once but to file it in as many folders as you want without taking up significant extra space. You make a change once, and it changes in every folder.
  • You can find things rapidly, even if you only have vague memories of having long ago found a document that might be of use in solving a new genealogical problem.
    It will sync to the cloud, allowing you to access your work at Zotero.org, wherever you have Wifi access.

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Exciting Changes Coming to GeneaBloggers | GeneaBloggers TRIBE

Exciting Changes Coming to GeneaBloggers | GeneaBloggers TRIBE:
Our vision for the organization is to extend our platform of support. Much like a genealogical society, we will offer a premium, “contributing” membership category, which will come with a slate of benefits such as training webinars, product discounts, and other opportunities offered by our partner vendors. A free, basic membership category will still be offered, and all current members will be “grandfathered in” at this level.
Be sure to #watchthisspace (this blog) and Sign-up for our email list if you haven’t already. More details will be coming later this month.