Thursday, June 29, 2017

FamilySearch to End Microfilm Distribution, Plans to Digitize All Records by 2020 | Family History Daily

Question is: they have census records on microfilm, which patrons can look at at Family History Centers, but the digital versions are at present only to those who subscribe to "for pay" services like and Find My Past. How will this affect those commercial firms? FamilySearch to End Microfilm Distribution, Plans to Digitize All Records by 2020 | Family History Daily:
On Sept 1, 2017 FamilySearch will make a big change to how they handle their vast collection of microfilmed genealogy records by no longer distributing them to the thousands of Family History Centers in the US and elsewhere.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Free British and Irish Records 23-26 June 2017

Some may find this useful: Free British and Irish Records | Trace Ancestors | Findmypast:
All of Findmypast's British and Irish records are FREE to access from 22-26 June 2017 Findmypast is unrivalled when it comes to UK parish records and Irish family history resources and to prove it, we're making all of our British and Irish record collections FREE to everyone from Thursday 22 - Monday 26 June 2017. Free access will begin at 9am (BST) on 22 June and end at 11.59pm (BST) on 26 June During this time you can enjoy over 1.1 billion of Findmypast's British and Irish records completely free. What's Included in the FREE Access? The easiest way to see what is included in this special free access is to visit our A-Z of records. All of the record sets listed under both the United Kingdom and Ireland sections of the 'Showing records from' menu are included.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Identical Triplets Stunned To Learn Their DNA Doesn't Match

I wonder how many other people have been fleeced by the people who run these dubious DNA tests? Identical Triplets Stunned To Learn Their DNA Doesn't Match:
They took the test again, this time with a different brand. It became clear that the problem was not with the triplets, but with the test kits themselves. The researchers then ran the same tests of different sets of multiples, and the results got even more confusing. Find out the real reason their DNA didn't match in the video below, and learn how this affects you too.
DNA testing, even if accurate, is unlikely to help you much in your search for ancestors. At best, it can confirm whether someone you have doubts about is or is not related to you.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Announcing a new initiative: - GeneaBloggers

Is this good news? I'm not so sure. Announcing a new initiative: - GeneaBloggers:
Announcing a new initiative benefiting genealogy consumers and content providers alike, and have agreed to streamline features to meet consumer expectations and provide blogger support. Thomas MacEntee will continue working to assure great deals for the wider genealogy community via the site. A team of dedicated bloggers will expand support for family history bloggers under the new domain
I'm not sure that I'd like to be called a "genealogy consumer" or a "genealogy content provider". I'm just interested in genealogy and family history and I like communicating with others who are interested, and especially others who are interested in the same families. does that make me a "content provider" of the information I give to them, and a "consumer" of the information that they make available to me, and vice versa? I rather hope not. Those terms sound rather disparaging to me. But at least the article explains why I haven't heard anything about the Carnival of Genealogy for a long time, even if it doesn't explain much else.

Back in the day, the joy of online genealogy research was peer-to-peer communication between genealogy researchers.  "Content Providers" and "Consumers" make me want to puke.