Thursday, February 21, 2013

Resources for the Online Genealogist

Here's a useful list of online resources. I knew about some of them, of course, but there are others I did not know about. I think the "must have" applies only to genealogists in North America, and that people in other places might add a few that aren't there, and leave out a few that are not really essential. But it's still useful to have: 88 Must Have Resources for the Online Genealogist | Free People Search:
This collection of resources can help you uncover nearly all of the missing leaves on your family tree. Included are searchable databases of vital records, helpful guides, genealogical communities, unique tools, regionally targeted articles with a global reach. The first portion is entirely free. Those that require payment are listed at the end. While not every record is available online through every service, it is possible to use database searches to uncover local records you require, then community based organizations to share labor and access what you normally would be unable to all from the comfort of your own home.
Hat-tip to Randy Seaver, whose blog Genea-Musings: What are the Must-Have Resources for Genealogists? is one of the resources mentioned. Randy regrets that his name was not mentioned in the list, so I have mentioned it here.

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