Monday, March 07, 2011

Carnival of Genealogy: Women's history

This month's Carnival of Genealogy has the theme of Women's History, and I made a contribution with a potted biography of Agnes Green, a pioneering teacher in New South Wales, who seems to have had a remarkably tough life. She had three husbands, one of whom she married twice, and both the others died of unnatural causes. You can find her story on our other family history blog at Agnes Green – education pioneer | Hayes & Greene family history.

The difference between a Blog Carnival and a Synchroblog seems to be that while in a synchroblog you can surf from post to post, because each post has links to all the others, in a Blog Carnival you have to go back to the "home" site to see the full list of posts, so here it is: :: C R E A T I V E G E N E ::: Carnival of Genealogy, 103rd Edition:
In keeping with March being Women's History Month we are honoring the women in our families and our communities with remembrances in words and pictures. Join us and meet the women we most want to honor and remember. You'll get to know trail blazers, salt of the earth types, and ordinary women who've touched our lives in extraordinary ways.

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