Thursday, October 27, 2011

Preserving Your Family History Records Digitally

Here's an article with some useful tips on preserving family history records digitally.

Preserving Your Family History Records Digitally: While gathering family history records over the years, you’ve probably been preserving them physically. So why consider preserving them digitally now?

This paper discusses the benefits and challenges of using digital preservation to both augment and enhance the preservation of your family history records. It also presents solutions to the challenges, identifies what types of family history records are suitable for digital preservation, and summarizes what is required to get started archiving digital records.

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Ruby said...

Totally gonna do this. Mainly because it's such clutter; to the point where birth certificates would get messed up along with civil registry amid piles and piles of paper. This would be good for organizing data; more so, in making it live another shelf-life or several, past the four corners of an 8"11 that is slowly withering away.