Monday, November 27, 2006

Running out of bandwidth

For the last couple of days we have had no internet access, because we have used up our 2 Gig limit.

This means that we cannot use e-mail or any other services for one week out of four, and so if anyone wonders why we haven't responded to e-mails etc, that is why.

There seems to be an idea the "broadband" means unlimited access, and so people scoff at complaints about sending e-mails with HTML codes that take up ten times the space of the message text, and things like that. I've never looked at YouTube videos that people put in ther blogs, or refer to in e-mails, and newsgroup postings, and we still run out of bandwidth.

Of course part of it is spam, but the fact is that bandwidth is not unlimited, even in these days of high-speed connections.


Ralph Link said...

Ouch. I can't imagine how stuck I would be if that happens. I'm not sure how much bandwith I use in a month but I'm sure it's upwards of 10 gigs. I'm guessing you have no other options for ISPs? I had a provider with a low limit like that once, but fortunately, speeds would drop to dial up level when it was exceeded as opposed to being cut off.

Ralph Link
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Steve Hayes said...

Had it twice now, but have upgraded to a 3 Gig cap, so hope that's enough!