Thursday, November 09, 2006

Growden in Western Australia

Some time ago I noticed in a news item a reference to a Growden Street in Mereddin, WA.

I wrote to ask if there was any information about the origin of the name, and received this from the Mereddin public library:
In case no one has got back to you, Growden Street was named after Frederick William Growden. He was the first chairman of the Merredin Roads Board, when it was established in 1911. The Roads Boards were the first local governments, and as their name suggests, their main role originally was the construction of local roads. The Roads Boards were replaced in 1961 with the current system of Shire, Town and City councils.

Frederick Growden, with his brother William, were early settlers in the Nangeenan area, in the 1890's. Nangeenan is 12 km west of Merredin.

It's not quite clear whether it was Frederick William and William, or just Frederick and William, but it might give a clue about where that branch of the Growden family came from.

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