Friday, July 07, 2006

Green family in England, and Gray family in Canada

I've recentl;y had e-mails from Dennis and Penny Allen in England, who live in a house formerly owned by William Green, photographer, of Northumberland, son of William George Green. William George Green was the eldest son of William Goodall Green and Margaret Gray.

In the house are some photographs, and a book that William Green wrote to try to prove the alleged royal descent of William Goodall Green -- that he was the son of Edward, Duke of Kent, Queen Victoria's father.

Dennis and Penny are not related, but have very kindly sent copies of some of the material they have. We hope that it may help us to add some missing links to the Green family tree.

One of the things they sent was a reproduction of a picture of Alexander Gray, described as Attorney General. All we know of him is that his daughters changed their surname to Hamilton when their mother remarried after his death.

Does anyone know anything about the Hamilyon connection? If you do, please click on one of the places where it says "Comments" below, and enter your comments there.


William James said...


My name is William James. My gr gr gr great grandfather was Alexander Gray, Attorney General of Quebec !789-91. His wife married a Ferguson after his death. Possibly in old script Ferguson could be read as Hamilton.

I would be very excited to obtain a copy of the picture of Alexander Gray (

Steve Hayes said...

If you are descended from him, then you are probably related -- can you give us any information of his descendants?

I'll need some time to check sources etc to see if there could be confusion between Hamilton and Ferguson.

William James said...

Alexander Gray's wife was Magdelene (Lana) Johnson, daughter of Sir William Johnson (Johnstown Hall, New York)and Molly Brant Mohawk Indian. Magdalene married 2ndly John Ferguson (also listed as Farquharson) in 1791 in Kingston, Ontario.

Thomas - son - Charles Gray
Norwich, Ontario
Elizabeth m. Robert Copeland

Probable other chidren but not confirmed
Alexander - Dundas St Toronto

Do you know if any of this is connected to your family?

Brant (Mohawk Indian)

William James said...

I have have checked your Goodall Green genealogy on line and see that your Alexander Gray is a different person from mine. So I have queried the source for my information and have just been told that it was "assumed" that ours was "possibly" the Attorney
General as our Alexander was cousin to the Gray who became Solicitor General.

I apologize for wasting your time.

Steve Hayes said...

Not a waste of time at all, and worth following up.

The earlier generations of the Gray family are pretty sketchy, and perahs there is a connection.