Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mail problem solved

Last night I sent a message to recent correspondents to say that there were problems with mail at my address shayes@dunelm.org.uk, and gave alternative addresses to use.

It seems that Durham University's servers went down over the weekend, but no mail seems to have been lost, just delayed.

So this is to let you know my e-mail addresses, in order of preference (to keep in your address book):

1. shayes@dunelm.org.uk
2. hayesstw@yahoo.com
3. hayesstw@gmail.com
4. hayesstw@telkomsa.net

Mail sent to (1) is forwarded to (4), but it is better to keep the address at (1) in your address book, because the address at (4) could change if I change ISPs, but Durham University has been around longer than Yahoo, Google or Telkom, so address (1) is less likely to change.

Thanks for your patience with the delays.

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